Meet a member at a distance – Dan

2019 Spencer Top performer of the year, last year Dan broke the British records for short course 100 & 200 back and 200 & 400 IM. We finally meet the 4th member of the 200+ 4×100 medley dream team!

Can you remember your last swim session?

I certainly can – it was the Thursday before lockdown started at Ernest Bevin. Seems a long time ago now.

How are you coping with being out of the water?

I spent the vast majority of the last 25 years not swimming at all so I’ve adjusted pretty quickly! To be honest it was much harder to begin with as I had been swimming 3 times a week since January (which is a lot for me), so I really missed it.  I have a ready made substitute in cycling though which has made it a lot easier for me to adjust.

What do you miss most?
I miss the freedom which we all took for granted, seeing friends and family and, strangely, going to work! 

In terms of swimming, I love the feeing of moving through the water with the minimum of effort. I fear that is going to take a long time to get back!  I am even  a little envious of people open water swimming now and I wouldn’t normally say that.

I also just miss seeing everyone.  It’s very strange having almost no face to face interaction with anyone apart from the people you live with  – Zoom and Houseparty are better than nothing but not real substitutes.   

Do you have a daily fitness routine?
I have always been quite into cycling and I now have a lot more time to devote to that so I go out on my bike 3 or 4 times a week.  I am a lot fitter (for cycling) than before but I don’t know whether that will be any help when I get back in the pool.  I also do a wide variety of dance/aerobics routines with our three kids depending on what takes their fancy that day!  Joe Wicks doesn’t get a look in any more.

I bought some stretch cords for dry land work but they took about 6 weeks to arrive so I haven’t got very far with them yet.

How are you getting on with Steve’s gutbusters?
I’m not. Sorry Steve! 

Any recommendations for team mates?
Try and wait until after 6pm before your first drink. Obviously that doesn’t apply at the weekend.

Which competitions have you missed/will you miss and how will that affect you?
I was really focusing on the long course events this year in Sheffield and Budapest (and aiming to try and match some of Greg’s times!).  Not having something to aim for is a bit demoralising and I will really miss the atmosphere of those events and the relays of course.  My wife also misses out on a weekend away in Budapest.

How is your partner/family/housemate coping with you not swimming?
They know I would go mad without exercise but as long as I do something they’re fine!  Now that none of us has evening commitments, it means we can all eat together which is lovely (most days!).

What are you most looking forward to when you can get back in the water?
Diving in for the first time and the feeling you get after a tough session.

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