Meet a member at a distance – Jason

After joining as an out of towner based in South Africa a few years ago and breaking records and winning World Championship medals in our 120+ teams, Jason is now enjoying being an in-towner in London.

Where are you based and what isolation approach are you following?

I am based in Putney, London, and have been very fortunate to be isolating and social distancing with a great group of housemates. The rest of my clan has been amazing through the virtual realm with regular chats. Sharing playlists for the day, or a lunch break idea has also been great. So feel free to share please, I have music on the go constantly.  

How have you coped with the break from training/staying at home?

In many ways it has been a good time to refocus some of my goals and get some of my to do list complete. I tend to be an all systems go person, so the current situation has forced down time to be reflective and spent without distraction – in many ways a welcomed relief. For the first couple weeks, that is. I have participated in that many ‘pub’ quizzes that I’m not sure what is regarded as general knowledge anymore, some have progressed to full on geographical and historical academy sessions.

Work in health care and academia has in many ways been accelerated which has been something I am grateful for in terms of keeping occupied, however it has also made me miss the pool and fellow swimmers even more. The water and tough sessions have proven pivotal in my balance throughout life.   

Have you managed to get back into the water yet? Any recommendations for when we all go back?

No swim since the end of February, the longest I have been out of the water since probably about two years old. I find myself imagining a 50 free at pace when in the shower with the running water! My recommendation for when we go back, is to get in the water and just float, absorbing the sensation and support that the water has brought us our entire lives.   

Do you have a daily fitness routine?

I have done more running than when I trained for the Iron Man, although it feels more challenging than back then. I think this is mostly due to the lack of variety and cross training. I’ve attempted some yoga, although it kicks off a stress response for me, quite the opposite of what I imagine it is meant to do, so doing some research into a best approach for me.  

How are you getting on with Steve’s gutbusters?

I have recently joined Olegas and Nadine (and Georgina virtually) in tackling Steve’s gutbusters. I feel like I’ve been through the gladiator arena and if I can survive and keep it up going forward I will be victorious and return like never before! Right now though I find it hard to move around afterward.  

Any recommendations for team mates?

I think at a time like this, it is important to have some non-negotiables in your routine. Just as normal you have to get some things done even if it’s not at the top of your motivation list, and then there must be a strong element of freedom and flexibility to cater for the variety your mind and body will crave. Do what excites you. 

Which competitions have you missed/will you miss and how will that affect you?

The various competitions that have been cancelled and postponed over the last months. After racing once in 2019 in South Korea, due to living in a rural village on the border of South africa, Namibia and Botswana (not many pools around) I was really looking forward to 2020 being a year of weekend racing and big events. As a goal directed person, it has been challenging but good to be reminded that I swim and train for more than just to race. That being said, I will be really excited to stand on the blocks again when we can.  

What are you most looking forward to when you can get back to training?

To feel the water, then using big fins, paddles and doing explosive bursts of speed! 

Any plans for Open Water swimming over the summer?

This will be my first opportunity to enjoy some open water swimming in the UK! I can not wait!

Take care everyone and I look forward to seeing you all. 

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