The full costs of 2018 Membership comprise the following 4 elements:

  1. Annual Club and ASA Annual Membership Subscription.
  2. Swim Fees
  3. Access card if attending Dulwich College Saturday session

Annual Club and ASA Annual Membership Subscription

The membership and the ASA fees are due on 1st January and are non-refundable.

  • £129.40 for full competitive membership
  • £112.10 for full non-competitive membership (you cannot compete for Spencer in ASA races)
  • £96.00 for full membership if you already have ASA membership via another club. In this case, you MUST provide your other Club name and your ASA number in order to avoid us charging you for ASA Membership.

If you are not a Masters swimmer, but are 18-24 years, you may be eligible to pay a reduced ASA fee. We will discuss that with you at the time you join.

A reduced rate may be available to potential Members who meet certain criteria, for example student or over 65.

Swim Fees

In addition to Annual Club Membership and ASA Membership, swim fees are payable for each session you swim. These combined with the Club Annual Membership charge enable us to offer professionally coached training sessions using multiple lanes to ensure faster and slower swimmers can train effectively together. From 1 January 2018, swim fee rates have not changed since 2017 and are as follows:

  • Swim a maximum of 1 session per week, you pay £22.50 total per month;
  • Swim a maximum of 2 sessions per week, you pay £37.00 total per month;
  • Swim 3+ sessions per week, you pay £50.00 total per month.

A standing order for one of the thee swim fee amounts above is payable on the 1st of each month.

If you won’t swim regularly enough to justify paying the minimum £22.50 per month standing order, you can buy a pre-pay card of 11 sessions (to be used in 2017) for £100. Please bring the card to each swim.

If you do pay by standing order for one session (£22.50) or two sessions (£37.00) a week, but want to swim the occasional extra session, you can pay £10.00 cash per additional swim. Please bring the correct change for a session, and pay before getting in.

Dulwich entry card

After you decide to join us, if you plan on attending out Saturday Dulwich session, you will need to arrange an entry card with the College. Please bring £5 with you to your first session and pay the College Sports reception direct.