Join Spencer Swim Team

Why join us?

We all have different reasons for swimming with Spencer, and we pride ourselves in being a club welcome to all who wish to swim.

For some, it is in order to compete in Masters swimming, often returning to competitive swimming after a break in their late teens and twenties. Whilst we are primarily a competitive master swimming club, you do not need to be swimming competitively to join us. Whilst many of our swimmers enter the major masters pool meets throughout the year, some of our swimmers only compete occasionally, whilst others concentrate on open water races or triathlons. For others, their primary motivation is to keep fit or to improve their swimming ability by training with a coach in a competitive environment.

There is a broad range of abilities at our sessions, but they are training sessions and not swimming lessons. We expect all our swimmers to be able to attempt all four strokes, and to be able to swim comfortably for at least an hour. Depending on the session set, we would expect to cover between 2.5k and 4k in a session. You should also be familiar with basic lane etiquette and how to use a pace clock.

Most importantly, however, it is fun. We would hope that you would find us a friendly bunch, and enjoy the social aspects of the club as well as the swimming.

How to join us

  1. To join us, if you think you can, or are prepared to work towards achieving the training distances between 2.5k and 4k in an hour’s session, and if you are competent in at least two swimming strokes, then contact and you will be invited along to a FREE trial session before deciding.
    If you are unsure whether you could do this, why not try out anyway? We offer potential Members (you!) the opportunity to swim with us on a trial basis for a session (after that, in order to continue swimming with us, Membership is mandatory).
  2. Read our guidance on competitive training. (Our coaches run sessions on the basis of good lane etiquette!)

If you decide to join Spencer Swim Team we ask that you:

  1. Take out Spencer Swim Team annual Club Membership and also take out ASA Membership
  2. Pay monthly swim fees by standing order. Please read the Club fees section for detailed costs.
  3. Confirm your intention to join, by emailing with the subject ‘MEMBERSHIP FORM’ and ask Membership Secretary to send a Membership Form and standing order information.

Handling cash is cumbersome and given club is volunteer led, we aim to make everything as straightforward as possible. We therefore ask new Members, as soon as they can, to pay Swim Fees by standing order, to arrive in the Club’s account on 1st of the month.

NB: Joining means you accept you will be following our lane etiquette policy and current Club Constitution.