Lockdown Land Training

We’ve asked Head Coach Steve to produce a new programme of land training to help keep us in good shape whilst we’re stuck on dry land. We’ll let Steve explain all the details…

Dear Spencer Swimmers,

Here we all are having had a pretty miserable and dry January. Not dry in the alcohol sense but in the swimming sense. If the vaccination programme goes according to plan there is some hope that we will all be back in the water in May.

Who knows when pool competition will start but there will be outdoor swimming from June for sure. We are planning a weekly get together at Thorpe Park as soon as the lake opens. So, we need to get you working!!!Virtual Training Sessions

We are going to kick off a twice weekly virtual session with me, Mondays and Thursdays at 8pm. The focus will each week be one session of core work and one of cardio. We will commence 22nd February with the first zoom session that evening and the second on 25th February, both at 8pm. The sessions will last for approximately 40-45 minutes following a short introduction from me and end with the opportunity for some banter.The club “IT department” will send out a Zoom link to all who wish to be involved. To do so please email to register your interest: spencerswimteam@gmail.com I do hope there is a good uptake for the weekly sessions, it will be both an opportunity to do something and of course see your teammates in a visual form.

New Core/Band Programmes
Accompanying this note is a new cardiovascular session and also the stretching which is important. Additionally, I am providing core and band programmes, see attached.

Cardio Ladder – Team Challenge
Lastly, we are reinstigating the Cardio ladder. However, to make it a little more interesting and motivational we are introducing a “team challenge”. Teams will be groups of 3 of preferably mixed gender, doing their exercises concurrently and submit their joint time, i.e. simply add the time taken for the cardio pyramid and submit, plus your joint age of course. We will start our first week on Monday 22nd February. Submit to me by Sunday evenings: sbaker50@btinternet.comThe ladder as previously will be published weekly.

See you all on the 22nd Feb.

Best wishes, Steve
Feb 2021 Cardio Session & Team Challenge
Introduction to Core and Band Workouts
Core and Band Workouts – Soft
Core and Band Workouts – Medium
Core and Band Workouts – Hard
Stretching 1
Stretching 2

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