Competitions Update

There is nothing like a competition to help bring the club together and build a social as well as competitive spirit. Domestic and larger international pool competitions are likely to be cancelled for the foreseeable future with the first realistic possibility of competition being the National Short Course Masters in October. With this in mind the committee has put together some open water competitions for you to look out for.

Spencer has had good representation in the past at the following events and we would like to increase the visibility of Open Water events to the wider club membership. Hopefully this will give you some challenges to aspire to and some ideas of the organisations who put on open water events. Castle Swim Series (or Castle Triathlon Series) have all of the multisport events at their meets so it would be great if we could pull together a squad from the pool and open water specialists, the triathletes, aquathletes and aquabikers. If there is an event you fancy further afield why not post on facebook and encourage others to join.

If you’ve got any questions about open water swimming please email us at

Open Water Season events to look out for  (subject to confirmation from the event organisers, Spencer takes no responsibility if these events are cancelled)

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