Final stats from Plymouth

In the individual events, we amassed a total of 16 gold, 17 silver and 12 bronze medals at the 2018 GB Masters. Added to the relay medals, that made a total of 27 gold, 22 silver and 13 bronze.

Gold medalists were Jack Marriott, Geoff Stokes (2), Diane Ford (2), Dan Cotton (2), Jean Howard Jones (2), Helen Trippe (2) and Amanda Heath (5).

Silvers: Cristian Rentsch, Suzanne Maidment, Amanda Heath, Ollie Samy (2), Clive Benson (2), Sue Lauder (2) Geoff Stokes (2), Grace Isaac (3), Peter Stephens (3)

Bronzes: Abba Newbery, Dan Cotton, Peter Stephens (3), Cristian Rentsch (3) and Fran Baker (4)

Full results are here

We did have an official team photo taken (honestly), but it has not re-appeared yet!

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  1. To all Spencer swimmers at British Championships. Many congratulations on your well deserved achievements.

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