11 golds in relays in Plymouth

Spencer came second to Otter in the Cupar Cup, awarded to the Top Club at the GB Masters. With double points for relays, our 11 gold, 5 silver, 1 bronze medals were a lot of fun, as well as a big contribution to the total.

In the final relay, the Mixed 4×200 Free, we broke our own British record. Spencer has held this record since the inauguration of the distance relays in 2010.
Details of the teams racing in Plymouth:
240+ Mixed 4×100 Medley: Guy, Amanda, Clive, Jean, 1st
200+ Mixed 4×100 Medley: Dan, Cris, Abba, Fran, 1st
160+ Mixed 4×50 medley: Dan, Ollie, Abba, Claudia, 4th
200+ Mixed 4×50 medley: Fran, Cris, Luca, Suzanne, 2nd
240+ Mixed 4×50 medley: Guy, Amanda, Clive, Jean, 1st
280+ Mixed 4×50 medley: Helen, Di, Peter, Geoff, 1st
200+ Womens 4×100 free: Suzanne, Fran, Abba, Claudia, 2nd
280+ Womens 4×100 free: Jean, Amanda, Sue, Di, 1st
120+ Mixed 4×100 free: Olegas, Abba, Laura, Olivier, 3rd
200+ Mixed 4×100 free: Dan, Suzanne, Claudia, Clive, 2nd
320+ Mixed 4×100 free: Grace, Marguerite, Peter, Geoff, 1st
160+ Womens 4×50 free: Abba, Suzanne, Rachel, Claudia, 5th
280+ Womens 4×50 free: Grace,Marguerite, Fran, Sue, 1st
120+ Mens 4×50 free: Jack, Ollie, Olegas, Olivier, 1st
280+ Womens 4×50 medley: Helen, Di, Amanda, Jean, 1st
160+ Mens 4×50 medley: Guy, Ollie, Jack, Clive, 1st
200+ Mens 4×50 medley: Olegas, Cris, Olivier, Peter, 2nd
240+ Womens 4×100 medley: Fran, Di, Amanda, Suzanne, 2nd
280+ Mixed 4×200 free, Amanda, Di, Peter, Geoff, 1st GB record

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