Steve Baker reports:

The last day of May 2018…
The sun shines on the righteous!!​
Well sadly there was no sun to be seen but the threatened thunder and lightning that the BBC forecast for exactly 8-9pm held off.
The Spencer team A & B teams were finely balanced in the inaugural Brockwell Spring relays, held at Brockwell Lido.
Swimming Freestyle, Breaststroke and Medley Relays in under and over 120 years categories, the two teams at the end of the normal 4 x 50m relays were exactly tied on 28 points each and joint winners.
The squadron of 10 swimmers meant that some missed out but it resulted in a final winner’s position for Spencer A and third for Spencer B.
By mixing the swimmers for most relays we were able to have a great mix of team mates and challenge. Of course it also meant that every swimmer shared in the spoils.

A well-earned drink in the pub afterwards was a great opportunity for swimmers to mix and relate their swims and other interesting stuff.
Well done Spencer, a really worthwhile and fun evening.
Karen Brown, Barbara Halls, Lisa Hibberd, Nadine Horn, Laura Kerrigan, Sara Luder, Rebecca Newman, Mel Thomas, Jane Turner (9)
Conor Johnston, Luca Milana, Max Moreira, Olegas Petrikas, Oliver Samy, Doug Scott, Rob Tate, (7)

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