2019 Decathlon Results

The final results of the 2019 British Swimming Masters Decathlon have now been published, and Dan Cotton was confirmed as the top Spencer swimmer, taking 6th place in the Men’s event with 6286 points.

Scores from the 4 top scoring swimmers are added up for the team competition, in which Spencer Men were in 13th place and Spencer women in 17th place. Scoring swimmers were Dan, Tristan Slater, Simon Berrey and Olivier Geleoc for the men and Amanda Heath, Esther Iseppi, Gillian Hodgson and Georgina Quayle for the women.

The British Swimming Masters Decathlon is designed to be a test of overall versatility over the course of the season and a challenge to swim a variety of events.

Swimmers’ performances from Masters competitions throughout the year are assigned points. Each swimmer is awarded an overall tally based on their top points scores from 10 of the 18 individual events. To score in the maximum of 10 events, there is a requirement to swim in at least one event per group from sprint free (50/100/200), distance free (400/800/1500), back, breast and fly (50/100/200 of each) and IM (100/200/400).

No entry fee or registration is required. All swims from Masters competitions in the British Swimming Masters Rankings database are automatically entered into the competition.

There is no age group split in the Masters Decathlon. Instead, points are adjusted depending on age to ensure a fair comparison.

Prizes are on offer for the top individual swimmers as well as the top club. 

More information is available at on the Swim England Masters Hub here. https://www.swimming.org/masters/british-swimming-masters-decathlon/

Spencer results, top ten men and women

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