11 Spencer swimmers in 2019 world top ten rankings

11 Spencer swimmers feature in the FINA Top Ten Listings for 2019.

Di is No. 1 in no less than 6 events – 50, 100 and 200 breast both long and short course, and also had top ten places on fly and free. Dan claimed top spot in the short course 200 back and 400 IM, with top ten placings in the shorter backstroke events and 200 IM.

You can check out the Masters Top Ten rankings on the FINA website here

Long course

50 breast 1st Di, 8th Esther, 10th Muriel

100 breast 1st Di, 4th Esther 7th Amanda

200 breast 1st Di, 2nd Esther 3rd Amanda

200 IM 5th Dan

400 IM 4th Esther, 10th Amanda

50 fly 4th Jack

100 fly 10th Esther

200 fly 3rd Esther

50 back 8th Greg, 10th Dan, 9th Kath

100 back 2nd Dan, 6th Greg

200 back 2nd Dan, 7th Greg, 10th Grace

100 free 8th Jean, 9th Di

200 free 4th Geoff

400 free 4th Geoff

800 free 4th Geoff 

Short course

50 breast 1st Di, 10th Muriel

100 breast 1st Di, 2nd Amanda, 6th Esther

200 breast 1st Di, 2nd Esther, 4th Amanda, 8th Muriel

100 IM 7th Dan

200 IM 6th Dan, 10th Amanda

400 IM 1st Dan, 4th Amanda, 5th Esther

50 fly 6th Di

100 fly 4th Di, 9th Amanda

 200 fly 6th Esther, 8th Amanda

50 back 7th Dan, 9th Kath

100 back 5th Dan

200 Back 1st Dan, 9th Grace, 10th Kath

100 free 9th Geoff

200 free 3rd Geoff

400 free 5th Geoff

800 free 2nd Geoff, 9th Tony

1500 free 10th Amanda

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