Brockwell Relays 2021

Victorious Spencer Swimmers at the Brockwell Summer Relays 2021

Coaches Report from Steve Baker

The second staging of the Brockwell relays took place on Thursday 22nd July 2021 with a team of 10 Spencer swimmers.

As the winners of the inaugural event in 2019 we had expectation and objective to retain the trophy.

I am personally delighted that we were able to mix members of longer vintage with new swimmers and of course mixing from various venues. The morale and spirit lift that this offers to swimmers and the club is massive. Of course, a round of tonic water helped in the pub also.

The event was competitive and we did not have every race our own way.  It was also good to know that whilst we did not win every front crawl race, we smashed the other strokes.

We also had fewer swimmers than Serpentine, Windrush and the Clapham Chasers so well done on the stamina.

Well done Olegas for stepping up to management duties and the assistant manager, Agne.   Thanks also for the long-distance travelers, Georgie from Hertfordshire and Mel from South Wales!!


Over 120                                                                                  Under 120

  • Lisa Hibberd                                                                  Sarah Tripp
  • Sue Swaine                                                                    Georgie Quayle
  • Emily Hayter                                                                  Mel Thomas
  • Rebecca Pritchard                                                         Thomas Holmes
  • Willem Heskes
  • Luca Milana


O120 Free           2nd                                          U120 Free           2nd 

O120 Br               1st Dead Heat                           U120 Br               1st

O120 Med          1st                                            U120 Med           1st

Cannon                2nd


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