South London Midsummer Relays 2021

Coach’s Report from Steve Baker

After a gap of over 20 months, Spencer Swim Team got the chance for the first open competitive event in the water.

Three mixed teams of different ages competed in the South London Relays in the crazy but great fun 16 length relay event.  Each swimmer swimming 4 individual lengths, one at a time.  Sounds easy but in a 100yard pool it can be tough.  Start too fast and the jelly legs kick in pretty soon.

Following our three-age group clean sweep in 2019, we came back this year with two golds and a silver.  The Met Police, who consider this event their own, managed in a very tight finish to beat our 150+ team into second place.

Detailed results.

The Junior team (100-150 years) won the overall event in a time of 19.06, 25 seconds ahead of the next team in their group (The Met Police) and of course winning their age group of 4 teams.  As an added bonus, the junior team was on average 8 years older than the Met Police team.

The Middle team (151-200) were beaten into second place in their group of 16 by the Met Police by 37 seconds.  Overall, the middle group were 3rd.  Their time was 20.21.

The Oldies team (201 +) won their group of 8 by 86 seconds and were 5th overall.  So, the only teams to beat the oldies were the other Spencer teams and the Police. Their time was 20.56. 

Given the training over the past 18 months these are very good times. Congratulations to all 12 swimmers and our three erstwhile supporters, Georgie’s mum, Agne Petrikas and Luca Milana for braving the monsoon conditions. The water was a very pleasant 20ish, the air was warm and wet.

30 teams lined up in a 33-yard-wide pool and astonishingly there was only one clash of heads during the event.


1st place in 100+ Age Group            Olegas Petrikas, Sue Swaine, Georgie Quayle, Olivier Geleoc   (146 years)

2nd place in 150+ Age Group           Laura Mason, Alain Renders, Barbara Halls, James Draper        (180 years)

1st place in 200+ Age Group            Willem Heskes, Lisa Hibberd, Ed Hill, Steve Baker                        (226 years*)

*(The age of the whole team, not just Steve!!!)

Felafels all round rounded off the evening and great fun was had by all.

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