Medal rush for Spencer

K2 Crawley — 22/23 January 2022

A group of Spencer swimmers braved the first competition of the year, facing down K2 Crawley for the South East Regional long course Masters champs.

Despite losing our long course training pool last year at Crystal Palace, there were some amazing performances. We brought home nearly 40 medals and the incredible Amanda Heath marked her move into the 65/69 age group by smashing British and World records.

Amanda receiving one of her 5 gold medals

We were pleased to be joined by some of our ‘out of towners’ including Peter who traveled from Cornwall.

Other highlights included a gold in the men’s 240+ 4x50m Free relay and a nail-biting finish in the women’s 72+ 4x50m IM relay to pip Tunbridge Wells to the win.  

Becca, Sally, Helen and Abba


800 free: Peter Stephens

50 back: Guy Emerson, Godfrey Admans

Men’s 4×50 free relay 240+

100 breast: Esther Iseppi, Amanda Heath (British Record), Diane Ford

200 IM: Amanda Heath (European Record), Esther Iseppi

100 back: Helen Cumber, Godfrey, Guy Emerson

50 breast: Amanda Heath (British Record), Rebecca Pritchard, Diane Ford, Esther Iseppi

200 fly: Abba Newbery, Esther Iseppi

100 free: Abba Newbery, Diane Ford, Guy Emerson

200 breast: Esther Iseppi, Amanda Heath (World Record)

200 back: Helen Cumber, Amanda Heath

4×50 women’s 4x 50 IM relay


50 fly: Oli Lungley

400 free: Peter Stephens

400 free: Sue Lauder

50 breast: Oli Lungley

50 free: Oli Lungley, Godfrey, Peter Stephens

100 free: Oli Lungley

100 fly: Abba Newbery


800 Free: Sue Lauder

200 free: Sue Lauder

50 free: Helen Cumber, Abba Newbery, Guy Emerson

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