Membership and fees

In order to train with the Club, you need to pay:

  1. An Annual Membership fee (which includes membership and registration with Swim England, and is required for insurance purposes) and
  2. your Monthly Swim fees by standing order to be paid on the 1st of the month.

Annual Membership fee

The Annual Membership fee is due on 1st January and is non-refundable.

  • £169.50 for full competitive membership (Includes Swim England Cat-2 (Competitive) fees)
  • £148.00 for full non-competitive membership (Includes Swim England Cat-1 (non-Competitive) fees)
  • £130.00 for full membership if you already have ASA membership via another club

Out-of-Town members and concessions

Out-of-Town membership is for swimmers who wish to compete for Spencer, but who, due to their geographical location or membership of another club, do not train with Spencer. Out-of-Town members are entitled to train with Spencer up to 10 times a calendar year. The cost is £13 a session and this should be paid directly to the club’s bank account under reference “OOT” and the date of the swim.

  • £79.50 for Out-of-Town/Concession membership (Includes Swim England Cat-2 (Competitive) fees)
  • £58.00 for Out-of-Town/Concession membership (Includes Swim England Cat-1 (non-Competitive) fees)
  • £40.00 for Out-of-Town/Concession membership (if you have ASA membership via another club)

Swim fees

We have three options:

  • 1 session per week: £35.00 per month;
  • 2 sessions per week: £55.00 per month;
  • Unlimited swims: £75.00 per month.

A Direct Debit for one of the above is payable on the 1st of each month.

You are free to attend at any of our training locations. Please note that there is no carry-forward of unused sessions.

Club expectations are that members will continue to pay their fees during months when they are on holiday. The Club understands that there will be situations, such as long-term injury, where members want to stop their direct debit. Please email the Club to discuss.

Drop-in fee

Those who would like to swim more than they have signed up for in a week can do so by paying £15 per extra swim, to be paid by bank transfer with a reference DROP_IN_Name. Please make sure you pay before your swim.

Dulwich entry card

If you plan on attending our Saturday Dulwich session, you will need to arrange an entry card with the College. Please bring £5 with you to your first session and pay the College Sports reception direct. The card must be renewed, free of charge, every year.