SER K2 Relays and 1500m

Super well done to all Spencer swimmers that took part in the SER K2 Crawley, Relays/1500m event . Third place overall out of 14 teams, outstanding swimming.

Three European and one British records in the space of one hour, a record in itself surely!

ER 4×100 free 280+
ER 4 x 200 fee 280*
ER 4 x 100 medley 280+
BR in 4 x 50 free 280+

Congratulations to Laura KerriganSue Lauder and Chris Dunn for 1st place swims, and Karen Bassett and Jane Turner for 3rd.

M 4×100 Medley160+ Michael, Luca, Simon, Henry3rd 
W 4×100 medley160+ Emma, Karen, Jane, Laura1st 
W 4×50 medley200+ Emma, Esther, Jane, Karen1st 
M 4×50 free280+ Chris, Godfrey, Tony, Joe1st 
M 4×50 free160+ Michael, Henry, Luca, Simon5th 
W 4×50 free160+ Laura K, Karen, Emma, Jane3rd 
Mx 4×200 free280+ Chris, Tony, Amanda, Esther1st ER 
Mx 4×100 Medley280+ Chris, Amanda, Esther, Tony1st ER 
Mx 4×100 Medley160+ Michael M, Luca , Jane, Laura3rd 
Mx 4×100 free280+ Amanda, Tony, Chris, Esther1st ER 
Mx 4×100 free200+ Simon, Karen, Laura, Joe3rd 
Mx 4×100 free160+  Henry, Hana, Jane, Godfrey1st 
Mx 4×50 Medley160+ Michael, Amanda, Simon, Laura7th 
Mx 4×50 Medley200+ Hana, Luca, Karen, Joe5th 
Mx 4×50 free280+ Amanda, Tony, Esther, Chris1st BR 
Mx 4×50 free200+ Michael, Hana, Jane, Godfrey2nd

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