2019 Swim South East results

Spencer swimmers had a great weekend at the first major meet of the year, amassing 34 gold, 21 silver and 14 bronze medals at the Swim South East Masters Championships at K2 Crawley, with the Mixed 240+ medley relay breaking the British record.

Full results are on the South East Region website here

Spencer results:

Women’s 4×50 free relay                                                        
Gold : 200+ Barbara, Deborah, Esther, Suzanne                                      
Bronze : 120+ Becky, Abba, Laura, Mel                               
Men’s 4×50 free relay                                                                   
Gold : 240+ Clive, Guy, Godfrey, Steve
Silver: 160+ Olegas, Ollie, Michael, Simon
Women’s 4×50 medley relay
Gold : 200+ Esther, Deborah, Abba, Suzanne
Silver : 120+ Mel, Becky, Hodzii, Laura
Men’s medley relay
Gold : 240+ Godfrey, Guy, Clive, Steve
Gold : 160+ Simon, Ollie, Olegas, Michael 
Mixed 400 free team
Gold 120+ Barbara, Toby, Becky, Ollie
Silver 160+ Simon, Georgie, Abba, Luca
Mixed 400 medley team
Gold 240+ Guy, Di, Clive, Suzanne
50 free
Gold : Becky Wilkinson 
Silver : Clive Benson
Bronze : Steve Baker
100 free 
Gold : Becky Wilkinson, Clive Benson
Bronze : Barbara Halls, Abba Newbery
200 free 
Gold : Becky Wilkinson, Toby Banfield
Bronze : Laura Kerrigan, Suzanne Maidment
400 free
Gold : Dan Cotton
Silver : Esther Iseppi, Georgina Quayle, Toby Banfield
Bronze : Suzanne Maidment
50 back
Gold: Dan Cotton, Guy Emerson, Godfrey Admans
Silver : Simon Berrey, Nigel Salsbury
Bronze : Mel Thomas
100 back
Gold : Godfrey Admans
Silver : Simon Berrey, Mel Thomas
200 back
Gold : Simon Berrey
Silver : Esther Iseppi
Bronze : Mel Thomas
50 breast
Gold : Becky Wilkinson, Deborah Lacy, Amanda Heath, Diane Ford
Silver: Barbara Halls
100 breast
Gold : Deborah Lacy, Amanda Heath, Diane Ford, Ollie Samy
Silver: Barbara Halls
Bronze : Luca Milana
200 breast
Gold : Barbara Halls, Amanda Heath
Silver : Esther Iseppi
50 fly
Gold : Clive Benson
Silver : Olegas Petrikas
100 fly
Gold : Clive Benson, Abba Newbery
200 fly
Gold : Abba Newbery, Esther Iseppi
Silver : Hodzii Elridi
200 IM
Gold : Becky Wilkinson, Simon Berrey
Silver : Rosalind Comford, Nadine Horn, Amanda Heath
Bronze : Mel Thomas, Esther Iseppi, Ollie Samy, Steve Baker
400 IM
Gold : Esther Iseppi
Silver : Ollie Samy, Hodzii Elridi, Angie Lodge

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