Surrey County Masters on 30th June

Organiser Jim Boucher has announced that the Surrey County (closed) Championships will be held on 30th June at Surrey Sports Park. Warm up from 12:15, start at 1pm.

ALMOST the same programme as last year, 25/50/100 each stroke plus 200 Free plus 100 IM.
Jim writes:
“The ALMOST relates to the 100 IM. And here’s the deal…for a bit of fun…

A number of swimmers drew my attention to something called the “Mystery Medley” that was swum at an elite Grand Prix Meet just after Christmas. Its an IM, but the order you swim is drawn out of a hat as you go to the blocks.

There are, in fact 24 permutations of the order in which you can swim 4 x 25m. We will drop the 6 that start on backstroke. This leaves 18 possibilities…..So we will have a box with 18 numbers, you draw as you go to the blocks and your timekeeper will monitor your stroke. The stroke judges will judge the strokes as they see them. Turns will be defined in due course, but all in the name of fun. My Officials are happy to give it a go. Of course it couldnt count as a ranking time but it will count for our Club points trophies etc.

I’m offering to stage this for a bit of a change. I recognise some of you may not want to do so though. So I will give you all until 10th March to tell me you DONT want this change, ie,stick to a normal IM. If I get more than 50 objections I will stick to the NORMAL IM.

I will update all the entry documents and forms by then. I wont change the event order, so you know what’s coming. Once the entry forms go up, I would prefer not to receive any entries, or at least payments, until after 31st March – this allows the Treasurer (yours truly) to keep funds in different years. I shall be taking a break on the high seas doing another spell of open-water swim-guiding in the weeks running up to the Championships so the earlier you get the entries to me, the more I can bask out in Crete…
Best regards

Jim Boucher”

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