Success at Swansea and Bracknell

Nadine Horn reports on this weekend’s activities:

Our keen swim bunch was active in two parts of the UK this weekend – Bracknell Masters & Swim Wales Open Masters

As for Bracknell, luckily spring made its way out of the snowy carpet and on Saturday morning most of the snow of the past few days had melted, which made it easy for the team to reach Bracknell on time by train and car. Kerstin came all the way from Switzerland to collect some qualifying times for Plymouth.

The event was well organised and having a second pool gave everyone the chance to organise their own warm-ups after the official ones, then head straight in for a cool-down after individual races staying in shape for the rest of the day.

It was a pretty successful day, with Spencer getting hold of 13 gold, 10 silver and 6 bronze medals.

All in all a good event and day, and to sum it up Spencer came 6th out of 34 in the Top Club rankings and Dan Cotton nailed 2nd place in the Top Male Swimmer rankings.

The team also had a chance to swim some mixed relays including a butterfly 4×25 Relay in memory of a beloved Bracknell swimmer, Mike Daniel, who recently passed away.

How better to wrap up this event with a comment of Team member Simon Berry:

“Good to see all the usual suspects in Bracknell today. Great swims from Daniel in the 200 back and Abba in the 200 Fly. Olegas swam really fast on those 50s and Kerstin had some good swims despite just stepping off a plane. Luca – that’s twice I’ve just beaten you on a 200IM, better luck next time!”
Meanwhile, Luca was delighted to beat Simon in the 100 free.

Full results for Spencer swimmers at Bracknell are listed below.

While other Swansea bound swimmers were unable to make the journey due to adverse weather, Ollie & Rachel successfully reached the Wales Open Masters and collected 4 Golds and 1 Silver, with Ollie knocking out golds in the 400IM, 50 and 100 breast and Rachel winning gold in the 50 breast and silver in the 100.

Bracknell results
Full results here

100 IM
40-44 Dan Cotton – 1st, Olivier Geleoc – 4th
200 free
45-49 Simon Berrey – 2nd
35-39 Nadine Horn -4th
45-49 Kerstin Mayer -1st, Abba Newbery -2nd
50 back
30-34 Olegas Petrikas – 2nd
40-44 Dan Cotton – 1st
45-49 Simon Berrey – 4th
60-64 Godfrey Admans – 1st
100 breast
45-49 Luca Milana – 3rd
50 free
35-30 Nadine Horn – 8th
45-49 Kerstin Mayer – 1st, Abba Newbery – 5th
30-34 Olegas Petrikas – 3rd
40-44 Olivier Geleoc – 2nd
60-64 Godfrey Admans – 2nd
100 butterfly
45-49 Kerstin Mayer – 1st
40-44 Olivier Geleoc – 2nd
200 back
40-44 Dan Cotton – 1st
45-49 Simon Berrey – 1st
60-64 Godfrey Admans – 2nd
Women’s 160+ 4×25 free (Abba, Nadine, Amanda, Kerstin) – 5th
Men’s 160+ 4×25 free (Olegas, Olivier, Simon, Daniel) – 4th
Mixed 160+ 4×25 fly (Kerstin, Nadine, Simon, Olegas) – 9th
200 fly
45-49 Abba Newbery -1st
50 fly
45-49 Abba Newbery -2nd
30-34 Olegas Petrikas – 2nd
40-44 Dan Cotton – 1st
100 free
45-49 Abba Newbery -3rd
40-44 Olivier Geleoc – 3rd
45-49 Luca Milana – 4th, Simon Berrey – 5th
50 breast
40-44 Olivier Geleoc – 2nd
40-44 Dan Cotton – 1st, Oliver Geleoc – 2nd
45-49 Simon Berrey – 3rd
60-64 Godfrey Admans – 1st
200 IM
40-44 Dan Cotton – 1st
45-49 Simon Berrey – 3rd, Luca Milana – 4th
Women’s 160+ 4×25 medley (Irina, Amanda, Abba, Nadine) – 5th
Men’s 200+ 4×25 medley (Godfrey, Luca, Olivier, Simon) – 3rd
Mixed 240+ 8×25 free (Abba, Nadine, Amanda, Irina, Simon, Olegas, Olivier, Luca) 9th

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