Stats from Slovenia

For the first time in its 31 year history, the European Masters Championships welcomed participants in all 5 Aquatic disciplines:  Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Synchro (Artistic Swimming) and Open Water. More than 5,000 athletes competed in the events which were held in 4 different locations in Slovenia. There were 2,787 entries in swimming (held in Kranj) 225 in artistic swimming (held in Kamnik) 79 in diving (in Jesenice) 882 in water polo (also in Kranj) and 1104 in open water swimming (in Lake Bled).

The oldest entrants were born in 1924 Franz Zigon and Vladimir Rabinovich, while 88-year old Elisabeth Lobsiger, the oldest female competitor, competed in the backstroke events in the same age group as our own Olympian Grace Isaac.

The 17 Spencer swimmers who travelled to Slovenia came home with 6 individual golds and 2 Relay golds, 6 individual silver and 6 individual bronze and 1 Relay bronze, a total of 21, although with 4 medals awarded per team, that meant we brought home a 30 medals altogether.

7 Spencer swimmers swam in both pool and lake, 5 completed both 3k and 5k Open Water, 2 of whom had also competed in the pool.

Spencer Medal table (including relays)

Grace 3 2 1 6
Muriel 3 0 3 6
Di 3 0 1 4
Amanda 1 4 0 5
Geoff 2 0 1 3
Tony 2 0 1 3
Suzanne 0 0 1 1
Jason 0 0 1 1
Peter 0 0 1 1



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  1. Great summary Amanda. And amazing swims from all the medallists. I just wanted to add how proud I am of our club. In various changing rooms, on poolside, and over breakfast in Slovenia I was constantly complimented on the scale, speed and friendliness of the club and even asked from an Israeli swimmer if she could train with us when visiting her family in London (of course I said yes) A great reflection every single swimmer in the club. Let’s win best overall club at Sheffield. Go team Spencer!

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