Spencer swimmers shine in Aberdeen

Defying flight and travel chaos, a large group of Spencer swimmers took part at the 2022 British Masters Championships (long course) in Aberdeen. While individual performances were underlined with personal bests, records and medals, it was the relays that brought, not only substantial medals, but also the greatest sense of team unity and group achievement. Spencer Swim Team finished second in the event, a superb result.

Amanda with her medals

Amanda Heath’s fabulous swimming
In the 65-69 age group, Amanda broke the 200 breaststroke world record with a time of 3.12.63, 3 seconds faster than her own old world record set in Swansea in March, and faster than the current European record in the 60-64 age group.

Amanda also broke the British records in 100 breaststroke, 200 fly and 200 back. And she won the 200 and 400 IM, 50 breaststroke and 100 fly.

World and European records in relays
In the 240+ category Amanda, Esther, Greg and Clive broke the world record in the 4×100 mixed medley. In the 280+ category Helen, Esther, Di and Amanda broke the world women’s record in the 4×100 medley. And lastly in the 240+ Esther, Amanda, Greg and Clive broke the European mixed 4×50 medley record.

Left: Greg, Clive, Amanda and Esther. Right: Esther, Di, Helen and Amanda

Luca’s story
My concern was swimming long-course without any training in a 50m pool. Friday morning my breastroke was long and strong since the first stroke, with still some engine to sprint last 25m, when I saw my new PB 3:01:66 (smashed my prepandemic of 9 secs) I felt the emotion but nobody could see that.

400 IM was also fantastic 6:05:26 another PB by 5 secs, missed the podium for 12 hundreds, but nobody is perfect !!!

Saturday I was tired, warm-up told me that, but I found enough energy to swim a good 200 IM (6 secs slower than my PB) 2:49:14, which granted me a bronze.

I also would like to thank Clive, Greg, and Michael, to take me twice to the podium for two silver medals for 4×50 and 4×100 Medley Relays. My Nationals weekend was simply Glorious!!!”

Fiona Wiggins story
“Well, my standout moment was the 50m breaststroke. A 6 second PB for long course, and in fact half a second faster than my short course PB!! Burst into tears afterwards I was so overjoyed. I put it down to training out-of-town with Amanda.”

Sally Ritchie story
“1 gold, 2 silvers, 1 bronze and a lifetime PB in 50m free (FINALLY)!! Thanks Team Spencer for cheers, Haribo and incredible effort in the pool!”

Left: Fiona and her silver medal. Right: 4×50 women’s medley
Mike Barnett doing a very fine dive
Left: Oli, Abba, Sally and Simon 4×50 mixed freestyle 160 Right: 4x100_Womens medley freestyle_200
201 Fri (2) W 4×200 free200Abba, Karen, Fran, Suzanne  1st
207 Fri (2)  Mx 4×100 Medley200Simon (bk)Fiona (br), Abba (fl), Michael (fc) 4th
207 Fri (2)  Mx 4×100 Medley240Greg (bk), Amanda (br), Clive (fl), Esther(fc) 1st – World Record
207 Fri (2)  Mx 4×100 Medley280Godfrey (bk), Di (br), Fran (fl), Peter (fc) 1st
301 Fri (3)  Mx 4×100 free280Esther, Godfrey, Di, Peter 1st
306 Fri (3)  W 4×50 free280Suzanne, Muriel, Sue, Fran 2nd
307 Fri (3) M 4×50 free200Greg, Michael, Godfrey, Clive 2nd
402 Sat (1)  M 4×100 free240Simon, Michael, Godfrey, Peter 2nd
501 Sat (2) M 4×50 medley200Greg (bk) Luca (br), Clive (fl), Michael (fc) 2nd
502 Sat (2) W 4×50 medley280Esther, Muriel, Amanda, Sue DQ 
502 Sat (2) W 4×50 medley200Fran (bk), Rebecca (br), Abba (fl), Suzanne (fc) 2nd
502 Sat (2) W 4×50 medley160Sally (bk), Fiona (br), Karen (fl), Laura (fc) 3rd
509 Sat (2) Mx 4×200 free160Simon, Fran, Laura, Oli 2nd
509 Sat (2) Mx 4×200 free280Esther, Godfrey, Di, Peter 1st 
607 Sat (3) Mx 4×50 medley280Fran (bk), Muriel (br), Michael (fl), Peter (fc) DQ
607 Sat (3) Mx 4×50 medley240Greg (bk), Amanda (br), Clive (fl), Esther (fc) 1st equal European record, British record
607 Sat (3) Mx 4×50 medley120Simon (bk), Oli (br), Abba (fl), Sally (fc) 1st
701 Sun (1)  W 4×100 medley280Helen (bk), Amanda (br), Esther (fl), Di (fc) 1st World record
701 Sun (1)  W 4×100 medley200Fran (bk), Rebecca (br), Abba (fl), Karen (fc) 1st 
702 Sun (1)  M 4×100 medley200Greg (bk), Luca (br), Clive (fl), Michael (fc)2nd
707 Sun (1) Mx 4×50 free200Greg, Clive, Karen, Laura 4th
707 Sun (1) Mx 4×50 free160Oli, Michael, Abba, Sally 4th
707 Sun (1) Mx 4×50 free280Godfrey, Peter, Sue, Esther 2nd

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