So many Spencer swimmers in Top Ten rankings

The 2018 FINA Top Ten Rankings have recently been published and Spencer’s Diane Ford was number 1 in the world in all 3 breaststroke events, both short course and long course. The women’s 280+ 4×100 Short Course medley team (Helen Trippe, Di Ford, Amanda Heath, Jean Howard Jones) and the Mixed 240+ 4×100 Long Course medley team (Guy Emerson, Amanda Heath, Clive Benson, Jean Howard Jones) also topped the rankings.

At the same time, the All time rankings are updated and Spencer retained their World records in the women’s 280+ 4×50 Long Course and 4×100 Short Course Medley teams.

In addition to Diane, Spencer swimmers in the 2018 Top Ten are:
Jack Marriott, Amanda Heath, Esther Iseppi, Alison Gwynn, Helen Trippe, Tony Cherrington, Jean Howard Jones, Muriel Hitchcock, Grace Isaac.

Spencer Swimmers in the All Time Top Ten listings are:
Ivan Nechunaev, Jack Marriott, Greg Kahn, Alison Nye, Esther Iseppi, Amanda Heath, Diane Ford and the late, great Willy van Rysel.

22 more relays were in the 2018 Top Ten Teams. In addition to the above swimmers, the following can claim Top Ten placings:
Kerstin Mayer, Fran Baker, Geoff Stokes, Olivier Geleoc, Ollie Samy, Becky Wilkinson, Sue Swaine, Barbara Halls, Abba Newbery, Cristian Rentsch, Angela Lodge, Deborah Lacy, Claudia Goldschmidt, Godfrey Admans, Steve Baker, Peter Stephens, Suzanne Maidment, Dan Cotton, Sue Lauder, Barney Miller, Richard Harding, Marguerite Pike, Laura Kerrigan, Hoda Elridi.
Additional swimmers in the 40 Spencer relays featuring on the All Time Top Ten List are:
Nigel Salsbury, Jess Campbell, Alan Parkins, Janet Brown, Morris Dick, Andrew Chamberlain, Carolynn Curtis, Linda Brown.

You can check out the rankings on the FINA website here

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