Midsummer Madness!

Another evening of fun and success for Spencer Swim Team.
The South London Swimming Club annual midsummer relays took place last evening. (20.6.18). The madness of 37 teams of 4 swimming without lanes, 4 x 100 yards relay. The pool is only 30 yards wide, not much space.
For those who haven’t partaken, this sounds easy, it’s not. A fast sprint first 100 usually leaves the swimmer with heavy legs and gasping lungs. Lactate follows and a lingering, agonising, painful next 3 x 100.
Spencer entered 4 teams in three age categories.
The 100-150 team of Jess Campbell, Sue Swaine, Georgie Quayle and Rob Tate romped to overall and age group victory in 18 minutes and 26 seconds, a mere 15 seconds ahead of Barnes in second. A fabulous victory and a very tight swim. Well done.

The other 100 to 150 team of Mel Thomas, Max Moreira, Holly Cooper and Ross Needham were narrowly outside a medal position in 4th by 21 seconds in 20 minutes and 1 second. More training required!!
The 151 – 200 age group team of Sara Luder, Barbara Hall, Jane Turner and Michael Barnett came a very creditable 6th in 23 minutes and 17 seconds.
The 200 + age group team of Lisa Hibberd, Matt Hunt, Willem Heskes and the coach and author, managed to win the age group by a massive 66 seconds in 20 minutes and 50 seconds, 64 seconds ahead of the second team. Just for good measure they would have got silver in the younger age and 7th in the 100-150. Who said, old dogs???????? Well done Willem on your first competitive outing.

The team was magnificently supported by Emma, Luca, Lara, Nadine, Muscles and Ben, and a rather nice bottle of celebratory.
Following on from the magnificence of the GB nationals and the Brockwell meet (who would have put those in the same sentence??) that’s three great events so far. We now go on to meet Barnes on Saturday who interestingly were runners up in two age groups, 100-150 and 151-200.
Thanks to all for attendance, enjoyment, competition and making Spencer a great club of which to be a part.

Stephen Baker
Coach and anchor!

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