Meet a member at a distance – Rachel

Training with Spencer over the last year and a half since I joined is the most committed I’ve ever been to swimming in my life. It’s had a really positive impact on me physically and mentally. The team are so supportive and Steve and Annabel have helped all my strokes improve massively. I normally swim at Dulwich on a Saturday and Crystal Palace once or twice a week, and the lido in the summer.

Over lockdown I’ve been living with my two teenage daughters and two dogs; my husband has gone to be a carer for his parents in Suffolk so we’ve missed him in our house. But we’ve been zooming every day. and we’re all helping each other cope and survive mentally. There’s been regular cake, jigsaws and Exploding Kittens and we’re now watching our way through all the Alien films together. 
Pilates, kettlebells, cycling and walking have been my main exercises. Some local fitness classes I normally go to have been running on zoom and Instagram live so I’ve been doing them regularly. As well as the much needed exercise it feels good to support local businesses at a time when I feel lucky to still have a job and an income. Amy Lamont has been my cardio guru and Caroline Harrison has helped me maintain some flexibility and strength. 

I’ve really missed the sessions, especially Saturday at Dulwich. It is a high spot of my weekend usually, with the excellent exercise and lovely people. Since rules have relaxed I’ve made it to Diver’s Cove – lovely swimming lake in Godstone, but a bit of a drive. I’ve also been socially distanced swimming in the sea at Brighton with my sister, which was fantastic. Steve’s Seven Sisters swim last weekend was really wonderful, and so nice to see everyone. And now I’ve managed to get some slots at the Dockland’s sailing club I am really happy, as it is only a half hour cycle away.

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