Sara has just got back from Bestfest, the open water swimming festival in Majorca.  Bestfest is based in the small fishing town of Colonia Sant Jordi on the undeveloped south-east coast of Majorca, which is surrounded by white sand beaches.  It consists of eight open swimming events over seven days.  There are three “Colonia Classic” races (1.5k, 5k and 7/10k) and the rest are a mixture of challenges and time trials.  In addition, there are coaching sessions in both the Best Centre’s magnificent 50m open air training pool and in the sea.  The water temperature at the end of May is a comfortable 18C, although some swimmers still wore wetsuits (wetsuits resulted in an unclassified swim time for the three races). Both the Canadian and the GB open water talent squads were there as was Alex Studzinski, the German pro-swimmer, so the standard at the front of the pack was high (for example, twenty swimmers finished the 5k in under the hour).  Having said that, the festival welcomes everyone.  “Although I only stayed for 3 days of the festival, I really made the most of my time there, entering 2 races, one swim challenge and attending two coaching sessions.  The 5k race was a point to point across a bay, with rougher seas adding to the challenge.  The 1.5k was in flat water but was fast and furious, with 250+swimmers competing.    I also did some swim drills with Paul Newsome from Swim Smooth and picked up some open water tips from Alex Studzinski.  And then, of course, there is the tapas…..”

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