How to add a Post

1.  Open in a web browser.
2.  Login using your username and password.
3.  Select Posts from the menu on the left hand side.
4.  Click the Add New button.

wordpress-how-to15.  Add a title to the post.
6.  Add the written content and any photo in to the visual editor.
7.  Select an appropriate Category. The category box can be found on the left hand side.  This will ensure the post is shown in the correct category on the homepage of the website and in the NEWS section on the main menu.
8.  Add appropriate Tags.  This will help website visitors search and locate the content.
9.  Set a Features Image.  This is the image which will be display on the front page of the website, along with an excerpt of the text  from the main body of the post, and again in the NEWS section on the main menu.
10.  Click Publish button to publish the post to the website.

If you do not complete the post in one sitting, click the Save Draft button, and finish the post at a later time.




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