6 golds for Spencer on relay day at the World Masters in Korea!

Spencer smashed the relays today at the World Masters Championships, winning 6 golds, 2 silvers and 2 bronzes.
Winners as follows:
Mixed 320+ medley and free teams of Grace Isaac, Geoff Stokes, Tony Cherrington and Jean Howard Jones in the free and Diane Ford on the medley.

Men’s 280+ medley and free teams of Nigel Salsbury, Geoff Stokes, Tony Cherrington and Guy Emerson in the free and Cristian Rentsch on the medley.
Women’s 280+ medley and free teams with Diane Ford, Jean Howard Jones, Kath Tunnicliffe and Esther Iseppi in the free and Amanda Heath in the medley, with the medley team setting a Championship Record.

The Men’s 120+ team of Greg Kahn, Jason Lawson, Jack Marriott and Ivan Nechunaev won silver in the free and bronze in the medley.

The second silver went to the 240+ Mixed free team of Kath Tunnicliffe, Cristian Rentsch, Esther Iseppi and Guy Emerson and the final bronze to the 240+ Mixed medley team, with Amanda replacing Esther.

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